Editorial matter and preface: © Michael Carlson, Hans Nyquist and Mattias Villani 2010
Individual chapters: © Contributors 2010
Cover art: © Petra Villani 2010
All rights reserved. The individual chapters may be downloaded and distributed freely for noncommercial purposes only.
The authors have asserted their right to be identified as the authors of this work as well as their right to freely publish their contributions elsewhere.

Published 2010 by the Department of Statistics, Stockholm University: Stockholm, Sweden (in collaboration with Statistics Sweden).
Title: Official Statistics, Methodology and Applications in Honour of Daniel Thorburn
Editors: Michael Carlson, Hans Nyquist and Mattias Villani
Production management and editorial assistance: Gunilla Dahlén
Cover design and art: Petra Villani
Printed in Sweden 2010 by Brommatryck&Brolins AB, Sweden
ISBN: 978-91-633-6750-2

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