Chapter 1
Survey sampling: A necessary journey in the prediction world
Jan F. Bjørnstad, Statistics Norway

Chapter 2
Models in survey sampling

Carl-Erik Särndal, Statistics Sweden

Chapter 3
Reflections on Probability vs Nonprobability Sampling

Jan Wretman, Stockholm University

Chapter 4
The Interpretation of Single Observational Units’ Measurements

Lars R. Bergman, Stockholm University

Chapter 5
Network Surveys

Ove Frank, Stockholm University

Chapter 6
A Comparison of Two Approximate One-Sided Confidence Intervals for a Mean

Per Gösta Andersson, Örebro University

Chapter 7
Recursion Formulas for Inclusion Probabilities of All Orders for Conditional Poisson, Sampford, Pareto, and More General Sampling Designs

Lennart Bondesson, Umeå University

Chapter 8
Some Choices of a Specific Sampling Design

Danutė Krapavickaitė and Aleksandras Plikusas, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius

Chapter 9
The Survey as a Basis for Symbolic Data Analysis

Seppo Laaksonen, University of Helsinki

Chapter 10
Short Note on Extended GREG Family Estimators for Domains
Risto Lehtonen, University of Helsinki

Chapter 11
Item Nonresponse Analysis for a Mixed-Mode Survey
Boris Lorenc, Statistics Sweden

Chapter 12
Comparison of Calibration-Based Consistent Domain Estimators

Imbi Traat, University of Tartu

Chapter 13
A Model-Based Approach to Variance Estimation for Fixed-Weights and Chained Price Indices
Li-Chun Zhang, Statistics Norway

Chapter 14
The Swedish Vehicle Speed Index on National Roads
Gösta Forsman, Swedish National Road Administration
Stig Danielsson, Linköping University

Chapter 15
Model-based Indirect Standardization with in-Built Standard Population: Illustration with Demographic and Health Survey Data
Gebrenegus Ghilagaber, Stockholm University
Dan Hedlin, Statistics Sweden and Stockholm University

Chapter 16
The Redesign of Latvian Labour Force Survey
Mārtiņš Liberts, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Chapter 17
Use of Administrative Data in Official Statistics – Past, Present and Future – With Special Reference to the Nordic Countries
Svein Nordbotten, University of Bergen

Chapter 18
The Systems Approach to Official Statistics
Bo Sundgren, Stockholm University

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